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In addition to traditional fabrication and machining, WiFAB also maintains equipment for sheet metal fabrication and forming. Using reliable and trusted forming equipment, we cut, bend, and form sheet metal into a variety of different products for the railroad, telecommunications, and industrial manufacturing industries.

WiFAB has a variety of sheet metal forming and fabrication services at your disposal, including bending, shearing, cutting, and drilling. All of our equipment is in-house and operated by well-trained fabricators or machine operators, who take pride in their work and the level of quality that they deliver each day. We serve a wide range of customers, in a wide variety of industries, including railroad, steel mill production facilities, industrial cleaning, recycling and telecommunications.


WiFAB is a fully-equipped single-stop fabrication company with many different services to offer our customers. To learn more about our full range of capabilities, check out the links below.


WiFAB is always looking for ways to expand and improve our shop which is why we recently acquired a fiber laser cutting machine, the latest in laser cutting technology. With this new machine, we have been able to improve the level of quality that we can provide for our customers.


We maintain a variety of different equipment for CNC and conventional machining, including vertical and horizontal milling, horizontal boring, and much more. All of our equipment is run by qualified and experienced machine operators to ensure quality and precision in each project.


WiFAB has a fully-equipped fabrication facility that we are always looking to upgrade and improve. We purchase quality American made steel that our team of experts then cuts, welds, drills, bends, punches, or paints as needed to conform it into a finished product that meets your design needs.


With decades of experience, WiFAB has been providing our customers with quality, long-lasting products. Across our two divisions, our fabrication and field services divisions, we are well equipped to help a wide variety of customers. If you’re ready to request a quote, or if you have any questions, contact us today to get started.