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The core of our business, since our beginnings in 1982, and continuing through today, has long been providing products and fabrications to the Railroad industry, either directly to the railroad companies or through trusted partners who have long established relationships in the industry.

For several decades, we have been offering our services in welding, fabricating, and machining to Conrail(CSX), New Jersey Transit, and Norfolk Southern, as well as several other large railroad companies across the country. We provide quality fabricated products to our partners in this industry, most of which go to support the maintenance and repair of railroad tracks. This includes replacement parts, new fabrications, and even custom projects to suit any of their needs. WiFAB’s wide variety of capabilities that are suited to custom fabrication for the industry.

In addition to railroad track maintenance, we also support the manufacturing and maintenance of railcars and rail maintenance equipment. Whether it is new assembled frames and cabs, refurbishing or repairing customers’ used railcars, to signage and backhoe cribbing buckets, WiFAB can fabricate it all.

We aren’t just limited to these products–we can make a wide range of custom metal components for the rail industry. Our customers are continually looking to us to develop solutions for the ever increasing demands of their railroad maintenance divisions. With our experienced welding team, as well as a full stable of in house machines, whether it be new equipment with the latest cutting edge technology, or our tried and true older machines, we have the full complement of resources to cut, drill, bend, punch, fabricate, weld, and paint steel to conform to whatever specs you provide.


Since 1982, WiFAB has been a trusted partner for fabrication services to some of the largest companies in the Railroad industry. We maintain a large fabrication shop housing a wide range of capabilities from laser cutting to CNC machining that we are always looking to improve or expand on to better serve our partners. If you’re looking for fabrication services, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today with any requests that you have.