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For over a decade Welding Improvement has been providing products and services to the Wireless Telecommunications industry, through its two divisions, WICOM and WIFAB. WiCOM, the field services division of Welding Improvement, started in 2012 to serve the wireless telecommunication and tower industries, performing a wide variety of construction services such as colocations, equipment installation, tower welding, tower structural modifications, ground construction and site maintenance. In connection with WiCOM’s work, WIFAB has provided steel products to support structural aspects of the wireless industry, be it on the tower or for the support of the cell site equipment.

WiFAB provides a wide range of fabrication and welding services in-house to support our partners in telecommunications and our field services division. Thanks to our extensive experience and our management’s expertise in the wireless industry, we have become a trusted partner for some of the largest wireless and tower owning companies across the nation.

Building off of over forty years of experience in welding and fabrication, we supply a number of tower modification materials and products to our partners in the telecommunications industry, some of which are installed by WiCOM. Typically we fabricate products such as half pipes, leg brackets and butterflies, angles, U and V bolts, hog ties, center plates, and stiffeners for tower modifications, as well as cell site colocation products such as antenna mounts and supports, platforms, canopies, and more. Our extensive experience in custom fabrication lends itself well to supporting this industry, as we can provide quality, custom metal components made specifically for each project, in a timely manner, and shipped to anywhere in the USA. If your product needs to be made out of metal, then odds are we can make it.

WiFAB’s team and leaders have decades of industry experience and knowledge in the telecommunications and wireless industries, with several of our executive team members having served the industry in the years when these sectors were just getting started. Together with WiCOM, we offer this industry high quality and reliable products and services that our partners can trust.


Since 1982, WiFAB has been a trusted partner in metal fabrication and welding for a variety of industries and applications. If you’re ready to request a quote from us, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today with the details of your next metal fabrication project to get started.